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 I think yoga knows no boundaires. 

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If you are interested in a personal trial lesson, fill in the form below and send.

Studio hours

Time available for trial lesson:between 9am and 7:30pm(The last start time is 6:00 pm.)



Lesson contents

1 on 1 <2 on 1 lessons are available.>

Lesson fee

6500 yen/person (Including rental yoga mat.)


For more information, please go to the NEWS page. 

Customer Reviews

①When did you start yoga?
33 years ago (1986)
②Please tell me,your first impression of Natsu-yoga?
I enjoy it.
It is reaxing but also challenging to those parts of my body that need it!
③How was this lesson?
Today's lesson was excellent!!
I asked for stretches for my back.
I fell like all aspects of my back have been upper middle lower,as well as my side.
④Please tell me,What's Natsu-yoga for you?
One of the best!!
Good enough English for me to follow without to much trouble.
⑤Who do you recommend my Natsu-yoga?
I would recommend it without reservation!
I would love for Natsu to come and teach in the U.S.!
I am very impressed at her with English in short time
She expresses herself well for the short time she has been studying.

Private lesson Outline

 Yoga is more than asanas.
Yoga is a tool to align the body, heart and mind.
In my personal lesson, I select asanas for you and create original sequence for you.
Please ask anything regarding yoga. 

I select asanas and create original sequence for you to stay active in your life.
After class, you can enjoy herb tea, green tea or chinese tea.
I'll prepare an original asanas sequence to practice at home upon request.
You can be yourself and stay active in your life.

Natsu-yoga is good for :

  • Getting yoga's effects.
  • Learning yoga in a short period.
  • Learning yoga from the basics.
  • Relaxing and calming down.
  • Practicing yoga according to your schedule.


Trial Group lesson


2022.12.04 Natsuko   We will cntact the applicant. 

2022.12.11 Natsuko   We will cntact the applicant. 


70~80 minutes

Lesson fee

3000yen/person (Including rental yoga mat.)


For more information, please go to the NEWS page. 

Group lesson Outline

Small group lesson for the body and mind.

Our instructors have been teaching yoga for more than 10 years.  They can focus on each student to provide safe environment.
Our yoga class are good for :

  • Relaxation
  • Stress relief
  • Better posture
  • Better metabolism
  • Lower back problem

Welcome to come with your friends!
Please try to experience yoga essence with Natsu-yoga.
Shabaasana is the most important pose.  We offer each student a restrative style Shabaasana to match the body and mind condition.

You can start yoga anytime to be yourself and stay active in life・・・





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